The Centre for Behavioural Sciences (CBS) is an integrated mental healthcare organization providing preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services. We work with patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds with a broad range of emotional, cognitive, and Behavioural disorders. Using a patient-centered approach, we aim to aid our clients in leading healthy and productive lives via effective, scientific treatments and evidence-backed interventions. At CBS, we endeavor to create an environment that promotes optimism and confidence amongst our clients, their families, and the community with a strong focus on compassion, dignity, and respect.

Led by Dr. Kushal Jain, our multidisciplinary team comprises psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, researchers, social workers, and volunteers. We also conduct academic and clinical research to promote the integration of mental health in public life through the development of scientific community-based interventions. The use of organizational psychology, human resource management, professional training, and development are also key areas of our work.